Kamloops RCMP adapts during pandemic

Kamloops City

2020-04-03 09:52 PDT

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Kamloops RCMP is maintaining core policing services and working to keep the public safe amid disruptions caused by COVID-19. We are continually assessing our delivery service and enhancing precautions, including those on the frontline, where necessary.

These are a few things people can expect when Kamloops RCMP responds to your call for service. Firstly, frontline officers are responding in person and in a timely manner, as they always have, to priority and core issues to ensure public safety. When necessary, officers will be redeployed from non-essential positions to the front lines to meet core policing functions. Lower priority calls may be handled by an officer over the phone.
Callers might be asked some additional questions when they contact 911 or the local non-emergency line. These new questions are focused on whether anyone is in the caller’s home, or at the scene of an incident, has been diagnose with COVID-19 or exhibiting any of its symptoms. These measures are in place to help ensure the safety of both the police and the public.

We ask that the public listen closely and provide accurate and honest answers to these questions. It’s important to note that a risk of potential exposure to COVID-19 will not stop our police officers from attending priority calls in your community, stated Cpl. Jodi Shelkie. These questions allow our frontline officer to appropriately prepare for their attendance to the scene, allowing them to take the necessary steps to keep themselves and others safe.

Officers may be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), depending on the situation they’re responding to. This could include a face mask, disposable gloves and protective eye wear. RCMP added that an officer wearing PPE is not necessarily responding to a call pertaining to COVID-19, but to limit any potential exposure to it.

Lastly, we urge citizens to report incidents online for events that do not require police attendance. Online reporting is time efficient for the complainant and the officer, and it also eliminates the need of a face-to-face meeting.


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Media Relations Officer
Kamloops RCMP
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