Police ask drivers to cool down their speed in school zones

Kamloops City

2021-01-19 07:11 PST

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An RCMP Ford SUV is parked in front of a yellow school zone sign with the outline of two kids walking above it. The sign states, <q>30/km an hour 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. school days</q> and is positioned on a grassy area next to a roadway

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With warm afternoons and freezing cold mornings, Kamloops police are asking drivers to chill out with speeding, especially near schools.

The Kamloops RCMP Crime Prevention Unit is reminding motorists just how important it is to observe posted speed limits in school zones, especially in the mornings when roadways may be icy.

Given the fluctuations in the temperatures and the precipitation, morning commuters need to be extra vigilant while driving to school or work as the road conditions can change quickly, said Corporal Dana Napier of the Kamloops RCMP Crime Prevention Unit. Please be extra aware of students on their way to school and observe all posted speed limits, remembering that they’re for ideal driving conditions only. With the slippery conditions that may be present during these icy mornings, drivers may have to slow it down even more.

Cpl. Napier specifically referenced Westsyde Road as an area recently brought to her attention. Westsyde Road, a 60 km/per hour zone, has numerous pedestrian crossings and a school zone. It’s important for drivers to make sure they are travelling the speed limit, watching for changes in it, and adjusting their speed for conditions to help ensure everyone arrives at their destination safely, she added.

Below are some tips for drivers and pedestrians on how to arrive safely.



For more safety tips to ensure a safe arrival to school, visit us on line by clicking onto bcrcmp or ICBC.

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