Kamloops residents cautioned of spreading COVID-19 scams

Kamloops City

2021-02-01 09:41 PST

File # Public Service Announcement

 A graphic with blue germ bubbles and the words Covid-19 Fraud Alert in black and red letters.

The Kamloops RCMP Detachment is warning residents about COVID-19 scams circulating throughout the province.

Although the Kamloops RCMP Detachment has not received any reports of COVID-19 scams yet, scammers have contacted British Columbians by phone or email to offer vaccinations, cures, tests and sanitizer.

We want to make sure that if someone here is targeted, they have the tools in place to know how to deal with it, said Corporal Dana Napier of the Kamloops RCMP Crime Prevention Unit.

Vaccines are not for sale and cannot be purchased online or by telephone. The only way to access safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines is through clinics organized or endorsed by your local public health authority.

If someone calls or emails you claiming to be a public health employee and looking to confirm a health card number, credit card number, or any other personal information, do not provide it to them. Contact the agency at a number you know is legit, not one provided by the potential scammer.

Hang up on phone calls, delete emails you do not recognize, and do not click on any links within the email, said Cpl. Napier. Never give out personal information.

Below are more tips on how to protect yourself.

If you have lost money or valuables, or provided your personal information, contact your local police and the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre.

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Cst. Crystal Evelyn

Media Relations Officer
Kamloops RCMP
560 Battle Street, Kamloops, BC V2C 6N4
Office: 250-828-3000
Fax: 250-828-3034

Email: Crystal.Evelyn@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

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