About Kamloops RCMP

The Kamloops City RCMP Detachment is one of the largest in the province of British Columbia.

The Kamloops City RCMP Detachment is located in the B.C. RCMP’s Southeast District and its Officer in Charge is Superintendent Jeff Pelley.

The detachment’s main goal is to make Kamloops a safer city for its residents. That goal is being achieved through a strong commitment to reducing crime and providing the highest quality of policing services to Kamloops.

The detachment is very pro-active in helping residents protect themselves from being victimized by crime. It operates many Crime Prevention Programs, a number of which are focused on protecting businesses, seniors and youth. Volunteer programs are a large part of the prevention initiatives, that wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the countless hours put in by these outstanding citizens.
Kamloops RCMP is committed to fighting organized crime. This priority is put into action at the education, intelligence, and enforcement levels.

Youth programs are another priority for the Kamloops RCMP. Working in partnership with the Kamloops School District and its schools, the Kamloops RCMP is helping today’s youth prepare to be tomorrow’s leaders. 

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